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5 Tips to Save You Money On Your Airfare

  1. Airlines typically release ticket sales for the up coming week on Monday evenings.  Their competitors have will have matched or beaten these prices by Tuesday morning.  If you find a great deal, jump on it because it could be gone by the following Thursday evening.
  2. Clear out your browser cookies before return visits to travel sites and airline sites.  Some sites use cookies to determine what prices to show you on a per user basis.  
  3. Utilize tools like www.google.com/flights and www.bing.com/travel to get a basic idea on what prices you can expect and to determine if the prices will go up or down.
  4. If you are flying domestic, the best time to buy your ticket is about 12 weeks before the flight and for 6 - 10 weeks for international flights.
  5. Tuesday - Thursday and Saturdays are the least popular days to fly and will be the cheapest days to fly.