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Several energy and water saving tips are given below. Below each tip is an Ebay link to the products that can be used to reduce your energy costs and water usage costs. Not only is buying used products good for the environment, it also allows us to save a buck or two in the process.

#1 Buy and install a Weather stripping kit for doors

#2 Make sure you have a digital thermostat to run your heat and air conditioner, and verify the temperature sensor isn't near a drafty window, that can cause your heat or ac to run constantly.

#3 Install a water heater blanket, since heating water takes energy; use the water heater blanket to keep the heat in.

#4 Replace standard light bulbs with energy-efficient light bulbs. Certain energy efficient light bulbs will use 2/3 less energy than standard light bulbs and will last longer.

#5 An Oven uses more energy than a microwave; use a microwave instead of an oven whenever possible to save energy.

#6 Make sure your attic and house is insulated. Adding extra insulation can add up to big savings.

#7 Install Faucet aerators to conserve water and energy.

#8 Install low flow faucets and low flow shower heads to save 10 to 16 percent on water heating costs.

#9 Use a clothes line to dry your clothes whenever possible.

#10 Change your furnace filters often. Dirty filters can make your furnace run inefficiently.

#11 Insulate your pipes to prevent heat escape when water travels through them.

#12 Create your own energy by installing a home solar panel system.

#13 Typical masonry fireplaces are inefficient. Install a fireplace insert to convert a masonry fireplace into an effective heating system.

#14 Buy appliances that are ENERGY STAR Qualified.

#15 Set up a rainwater collection system to reuse rain water for use in your yard.

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