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Duct Tape Can Be Used To Treat The Common Wart

The usual treatment for the removal of the common wart is cryotherapy.  Cryotherapy invovles using a substance like Liquid nitrogen to freeze the wart.  1 to 4 treatments of liquid nitrogen are usually required.  So what if I told you duct tape was a more effective treatment for warts than traditional cryotherapy?  


Small wart, big blister

That was the finding in the following study that can be found here.  In the study, one group was given liquid nitrogen treatments on each wart for 10 seconds every 2 to 3 weeks for up to 6 treatments.  The second group had duct tape applied directly to the wart for a  maximum of 2 months.  Both groups had their warts measured during return visits.  85% of the duct tape patients vs 60% of the cryotherapy patients has resolution of their warts!  It turns out duct tape is a better treatment for warts than cryotherapy!

How To Mend Ripped Jeans

So your favorite jeans ripped....
You know you're too fat when...

Click Here is step by step instructions to repair those ripped jeans.

5 Tips to Save You Money On Your Airfare

  1. Airlines typically release ticket sales for the up coming week on Monday evenings.  Their competitors have will have matched or beaten these prices by Tuesday morning.  If you find a great deal, jump on it because it could be gone by the following Thursday evening.
  2. Clear out your browser cookies before return visits to travel sites and airline sites.  Some sites use cookies to determine what prices to show you on a per user basis.  
  3. Utilize tools like www.google.com/flights and www.bing.com/travel to get a basic idea on what prices you can expect and to determine if the prices will go up or down.
  4. If you are flying domestic, the best time to buy your ticket is about 12 weeks before the flight and for 6 - 10 weeks for international flights.
  5. Tuesday - Thursday and Saturdays are the least popular days to fly and will be the cheapest days to fly.

Turn Wine Bottles Into Drinking Glasses

Ever wonder what you can do with all those empty wine and beer bottles besides recylcing them?  Try making drinking glasses with them.  With a few tools and techniques you can easily make your own DIY drinking glasses.  

Drinking glasses from wine bottles


Here is a great site with step by step instructions to create your glasses.  The basic steps involve taking a glass cutting tool and scoring your bottle at the desired height.  You then heat the score mark with a candle flame and rapidly cool off the score mark with an ice cube.  You might have to do this a few times until the glass will make a clean break.  Once you have maken your break, you will need to sand down the drinking edge with cardorundum grit  ( you can get this at a hardward store or just search online) .  This will prevent your guests from cutting their lips on any sharp edges.  

Babies Napping In Below Freezing Temperatures

Study results are mixed, but children left outside to nap, even in the cold, might catch colds less often than their counterparts that nap indoors.  The logic is this, if your child is outside and away from other children during their naps, there is less of a chance they will catch a virus from another child.  Most parents would worry about their child being cold while sleeping outside in below freezing temperatures, but if dressed correctly, they will be warm and actually might sleep longer.  The restriction of movements by cold weather clothing could increase the length of the naps.  Cold temperatures allow for swaddling without the child getting too hot.  As they say in Sweden, "There is no bad weather, only bad clothing".

Dad gets his exercise....

We are conditioned here in the US to believe that being in cold weather increases the chance of catching a virus.  When as a kid, you ventured outside in the winter months your mother would tell you to wear a hat and gloves so you wouldn't catch a cold.  This is just not true.  You might be uncomfortable and maybe get frostbite, but you would not be at an increased risk of catching a cold.  In the winter, we tend to congregate inside more often and we are in contact with more people for longer.  This is why viruses are more prevalent in winter, not because of the temperature outside.

The full article on babies napping in sub zero temperatures can be found here